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Mansson successfully transmits the essence of Lundberg’s prose through ace lenser Ita Zbroniec­Zajt’s evocative images and Lene Willumsen’s outstandingly stylized production design. A key image — a long shot of a tiny orange figure practically lost in a sea of shiny white cars — speaks volumes about the isolation of the work experience at the yard. Many sequences convey the tedium, mechanization and lack of solidarity among the workers, but perhaps none more so than one in which see see lines of silent men waiting to zap their lunches in the company microwaves; the dominating sound is the cheery ding marking the end of a heating cycle. Patrik Stromdahl’s sound design is another key element in a strong tech package, and the well­chosen diegetic music provides ironic commentary on the action.

Alissa Simon Berlinale 2016 (
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